Service Offerings FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What types of services does Joe English for companies or associations interested in esports?

Joe offers consulting services in the areas of creative direction, event production, event strategy, and strategic partnership development for companies or agencies working in esports. If you're an association or media organization, Joe appears as a speaker and media personality. Joe can be booked for live presentations, web-casts, podcasts and other media appearances regardign esports events. (See the entry on public speaking for additional information.)

What public speaking offerings does Joe English provide?

Joe speaks about the esports landscape and esports fans. If your orgnanization is interesting in getting a feel for esports, Joe's "Intro to Esports" workshops are a fun and interactive overview of the world of esports. The "Intro to Esports" covers esports leagues, titles, fan profiles and language to help you come away with a working knowledge of esports. The workshop can last anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours or more depending on the depth of material and the amount of follow-up discussion.

What types of consulting services does Joe English provide?

Joe provides both short-term (hourly) and long-term (project-based) consulting services. Whether you are an experiential agency, event production company or a brand that wants to approach the esports market, Joe can provide creative ideas, insights and subject matter expertise to help understand this dynamic area.

Is Joe English available for media appearances?

You bet. Joe English can appear on your podcast, web-cast or media platform to talk about the latest trends in the esports space and help your audience to understand esports.

I've heard of esports and my boss wants me to figure out the space, can Joe help me?

If your boss has walked in to your office (or cube or chat window) and said something like, "hey what's this whole esports thing all about, should we be doing something there?" you might be in a panic. Don't be. It happens. Reach out and let's have a conversation about offering an esports workshop or having Joe come in for a couple of hours of strategic conversation to help you understand the space.

Esports isn't really that different from regular sports, right? Why do we need an esports expert?

Here's the thing. Esports have a great many nuances that may not be apparent if you haven't worked in the area. From specific language to understand the many different games and types of fans, there's a lot to know. Perhaps most importantly, esports fans tend to insist on authenticity. A simple slip-up in terminology might lead gaming fans to suspect that you don't understand them or their game. Trust me. You don't want that. Get the help that you need, before you have a crisis on your hands.